No need to perform…

Look at me

Notice me

See me

The whirlwind of

attention seeking

Performance based


Sharing your

Every move

With more strangers,

Than friends.

The scrolling trap,

leads to the

constant comparing

and viewing of

seducing images,

Which keeps the mind trapped

in chasing the

next dopamine high.

It only takes

a quick flick

of the thumb,

a simple swipe

to bring instant

temporary satisfaction.

Thousands of followers

Likes and friend requests,

Yet the emptiness your

seeking to fulfill

is a futile attempt

to fill the void

for significance,

which continues

to go unmet.

~denise marie

You were created for SO much more…

“So if the son sets you free, you will be free indeed”. – John 8:36

25 likes on facebook..changed everything…


On August 8, 2014..I posted a video on my personal facebook page to share with the “world” that I had been sexually abused as a child.
The moment after I clicked “post”, I felt on top of the world! I had conquered my BIGGEST Fear!

Or so..I thought.

As the days went by, the euphoria lessened and I realized that my post made others uncomfortable. The small number of likes and comments crushed me and made the ugly root of rejection, fear and depression come to the surface of my heart.

As much as I told myself that I was doing my part for humanity by bringing “Awareness”. I desperately wanted everyone to SEE that “I” was a victim of sexual abuse and rape.

I thought I didnt want to be looked at differently. But actually, yes, I DO.

I want YOU to read my post and feel uncomfortable. I want YOU to look at the video and cringe as you look into the eyes of me as a child and see the blank stare and pain of an innocent child who was sexually abused.

I was a victim of childhood sexual abuse and rape..

~ xoxo Denise