The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I am truly honored to have been nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! When I began my blog, I did not expect to be recognized or acknowledged. I just wanted to share my story with other’s, to bring Awareness and give someone else Hope.

Thank you Arlene, for brightening my day!

The Rules

Of course with a title comes responsibility, and so having already acknowledged the person who nominated me and posting their link above, I will gladly: (1) post the award to my page; (2) list seven things about me;  (3) nominate a few awesome blogs and let each of them know they’ve been nominated.

A Little Bit about Me

1. I am naturally an Introvert who works very hard to be an Extrovert!

2. I have began to let go of fear of what people think about me and have pushed my creative side to the forefront. (not easy!)

3. I love my rather LARGE Family! I have 7 siblings on my Dad’s side, 12 siblings on my step-dad’s side, but I am the only biological child of my mother.

4. I plan many of my family parties and enjoy the excitment and stress of planning, preparing and excuting every detail! (ummm..sometimes I think I must be crazy! lol!)

5. Even though I am the Mom of three boy’s and 1 niece,  I enjoy going to the movies, library, book store and coffee shop, by myself.

6. I LOVE Basketball & Football and am my kid’s Biggest Fan!

7. I can count to ten in Tagalog, Spanish and Samoan. lol! My Family is very multi-cultural!

Now, whether they choose to accept the award is not as important as my publicly acknowledging how these blogs have been a source of inspration to me. They are not in any particular order: