Today I celebrate…

On April 11th, I turned 51…

Today I celebrate

both the good and the bad of these 51 years…there were so many days that I struggled with my value and self-worth, never “feeling” good enough as I listened to the lies which kept me bound to their twisted truth for far too long. So many years of refusing to truly allow myself to shine for fear of failure or rejection, playing it safe instead of living freely.

As an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse, I despised who and what I saw in my mirror.

It has been such a slippery slope to maneuver through the trauma.

Daily choosing to renew my mind, as I apply truth to my brokenness, I am healing whole.

Today I celebrate.

Every step
she takes
is a brave
quest to silence
the lies
which kept
her bound
for far too long.
This courageous
feat outweighs
the years of
previous defeats.

Her new found

beams as
she finds
her worth
in simply
~ denise marie
“So if the son sets you free, you will be free indeed”. – John 8:36

11 thoughts on “Today I celebrate…

  1. thelonelyauthorblog says:

    First, belated happy birthday.

    Second, whose photo is that. The young lady in the photo can’t be 51.

    Did you see my post “beautifully broken you.”

    We are all broken. It is our brokenness that makes us different and unique, thus beautiful.

    Beautiful post.

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    • nolongerheldcaptive says:

      Thank you! Lol! Yes 51 and I am also a happy Grandma to an almost 2 year old granddaughter 🥰.
      I will look for your post now. Yes, I love it, beautifully broken speaks freedom to all of us who feel like we are not enough. Once we choose to LOVE ourself and love others from a place of vulnerability, life changes for the better! Hugs to you my friend! 💗


  2. Z says:

    Happy Birthday sister Denise! You look simply gorgeous! And I too am grateful. For you and for your words which always inspire and comfort me and give me hope that I too will overcome what was done to me in my past. You are a blessing!

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