Within the stillness…of the unknown.

2 thoughts on “Within the stillness…of the unknown.

  1. Z says:

    Yes Denise! As trauma survivors we likely have CPTSD (I do) and that means anxiety and panic attacks often. They are UNCOMFORTABLE and even scary-can feel like a heart attack! So “sitting with the unknown” for us can mean sitting with those distressing FEELINGS knowing FEELINGS AREN’T FACTS! And that these feelings won’t kill us. That in fact we are safe now. Even when the past feelings of actually being unsafe emerge. We take all those thoughts and feelings captive and make them obedient to our Savior and our Safety and our Protector Jesus Christ! And we know we can “sit in them” because Jesus is sitting right there beside us EVERY TIME. Every moment. All our lives. In HIM we find our safety from the “unknown”. We know HIM👆🏽and His character. He’ll see us through this life all the way home to heaven. Praise God for that blessed assurance! 🙌🏽

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