No longer held captive by…anxiety


frantic images are vividly playing out behind my eyes…

my mind is racing and all of my senses are heightened to the point that I literally want to RUN out of my own skin…

it’s a thief…

attempting to rob me of my tranquility…

what do I “see”

what do I “hear”

what do I “smell”

what do I “feel”

what do I “taste”

they say grounding brings me back to reality

it does….but then what?

I say….

i’m fleeing…

to my place of peace…

where He quiets my racing pulse…

and speaks peace to the frantic storm…

welcoming me with open arms…

I calmly exhale my fear…and inhale serenity.

~ denise marie

When anxiety overwhelms me, your Word comforts me and brings me joy.

– Psalm 94:19

“So if the son sets you free, you will be free indeed”. – John 8:36

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