No longer held captive by…the need for validation

Having a false

sense of security

in the opinion

of others,

is an intentional attempt

to try to live our life

pleasing the created

instead of the creator.

yearning for acceptance

that only comes from

His place of peace.

the constant battles

that play out in

our own thoughts,

limits our ability

to clearly distinguish

between sanity and insanity.

the self-contained



to remain

in distress

limits our gift

of freedom.

I am learning, it’s not a get “fixed quick” healing process, I have to be willing to do the hard work necessary in order to renew my mind. Which includes, limiting the opinions of others and the access of them speaking into my life from a place of their “own” needs being met. Honoring my space and upholding healthy boundaries is imperative.

~ Denise

“So if the son sets you free, you will be free indeed”. – John 8:36

7 thoughts on “No longer held captive by…the need for validation

  1. poeticallyyours360 says:

    who the son sets free is free indeed… to be set free and not be aware of this new freedom is a suffering unto itself… you have shared a truth and a principle that is vital for freedom and it is detrimental for our well being to living a life pleasing to our creator instead of the creation… well said…


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