No longer held captive by…fear

She is called my beloved.




fighting for her freedom.

through the self-defeating,

misrepresentation of an


unannounced visitor,

who goes by the name of…

“the former self-doubting version” of herself.

she sits quietly

crouched between

“who I used to be”…


“who I am now”…

as she anticipates the arrival of,

“who I’m becoming”.

she is called my beloved.



and transforming

from the lies that lay

dormant between the confines

of her own mind,

and other’s restrictive insecurities.

she is called my beloved.

courageously crafting her next move,

determined to win this battle gracefully…

she is called my beloved.

step by step,

she painfully

pulls back each layer,

and exposes

the truth…


she is called my beloved.

her new identity,

outweighs the former entanglement of despair.

she is called my beloved.

branded with the heart of a lion…

she fearlessly arises.

She is called my Beloved,

and I am she.

xoxo – Denise

Words that are silenced, are lethal secrets to destroy your soul. Speak your truth.💗

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