Not believing the hype of wearing an “S” on my chest..


Like many of you Mom’s out there,

At times, I struggle with balancing life’s demands.

Tackling multiple projects at home and work, juggling hectic schedules and commitments..trying to meet the needs of my children, husband, friends and extended family.

Proudly announcing to whoever will listen, that I AM WOMAN!

Running around, pounding the “S” on my chest, with my eyes bugged out, looking less like the sexy SuperWoman, but more like a frazzled, stressed out Mama in need of a pedicure.

While listening way too much to the little voice that whispers..your never going to be good enough.. therefore..keeping me trapped in the lie of never measuring up to the woman, that I have put on that unrealistic platform of perfection. hurts to read those words. You see…as easy as it is to place the blame on someone else, I had to admit, that I choose to live this way.

You see, from the time I was a little girl, I had this overwhelming need to be needed.

So as an adult, I had to stop and recognize the unhealthy behavior that continues to try to hinder my healing.

Today, I am believeing that my value and worth is based on WHO I AM and not because of what I can do. 

~ xoxo Denise

2 thoughts on “Not believing the hype of wearing an “S” on my chest..

    • bnewvision says:

      @edee Lemonier. I really appreciate your comment. I am learning so much along this journey and committed to matter how hard it is. Hugs to you!


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