No longer held captive..

~By breaking my silence, I am no longer giving power to the pain~

Today, I want to encourage you to break your silence and declare that you

Are No Longer Held Captive..By Your Childhood Secrets..

May your temporary sorrow, lead you to Triumphant Victory ~ Denise

9 thoughts on “No longer held captive..

  1. thejourneyofmyhealing says:

    This is indeed the truth. Silence keeps us prisoner to their secrets. Letting go gives us freedom.
    I’m growing more each day and words like these and the message in the video encourage me even more. You’re getting close to your anniversary of freedom. I noticed that at the top of the page. Congratulations in advance! Peace ❤


    • bnewvision says:

      Thank you so much! I am not quite sure what is going on with me, but as I am nearing my “freedom” anniversary, I am having a hard time writing. So, I am going to continue to celebrate my freedom, encourage others and read others blogs (like yours) until I am able to really write again. I would like to thank you for being a blessing! Your blog encourages me and helps me along this journey!


      • thejourneyofmyhealing says:

        Just listen and pray. You’ll know when it is time to write again. I go through times when I cannot write and it is simply because i”m digesting something that has been revealed to me. The past few weeks have been a huge turning point for me. I can feel and see what God’s plan is for me. Just hold on and enjoy your freedom. More is on the horizon for you my sister. I believe in you and I’m thankful for you as well. Love you. Peace


  2. bnewvision says:

    Reblogged this on bnewvision and commented:

    April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Please join me in sharing the following video. Social network has a way of spreading information out quickly, please reblog, post, tweet, facebook, email, etc! Thank you ahead of time for doing YOUR part in bringing Awareness to END Childhood Sexual Abuse.
    ~ Denise ~ No Longer Held Captive..By My Childhood Secrets


  3. Claire Cappetta says:

    Once silence is broken healing begins. A journey starts painful but eventually sunlight flows in. I keep trying to tell people “Don’t be afraid, Stand up, Shout out” Be proud of yourself you are stronger than you ever believed you could be and you’ll find an amazing person within 😉


    • bnewvision says:

      Thank you so much Claire! I agree 100%!! We have to continue to remind ourself and others of that promise, of the sunlight flowing in! Blessings and hugs to you!!


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