The Daily Choice To Be Free

Fear is an emotional response to a perceived threat, An overwhelming and demanding presence from an unseen force.

When pondering on the definition of Fear I had a moment of self expression, that I would like to share with you:

Pushing through the very boundaries in which were precisely placed,

Are the very walls in which bring resentment.

Rarely spoken of are the countless hours spent contemplating a new way of fulfilling those Desires.

The mind is racing, The heart is pumping, the thought of birthing the very idea which have been cradled for so long, is reaching to the point of Explosion.

Rather than embracing the freedom at what she truly Loves.She chooses to grasp the Fear of Succeeding.

Everyone of us has a Dream, a Desire,  a Passion, a Calling. We know it exists, if we listen, it seems to call our name. It is our amazing ability to touch the lives of others and have complete satisfaction in doing so. The more I recognize all I’ve lived through, the more I see the need to share my story with others. This realization informs me that I am more than capable of facing whatever life may bring. I recognize the truth of the past occurences and have accepted these occurences. No longer making excuses for them, no longer hiding them, no longer making them my current reality. These secrets no longer hover around my soul planting deeper roots of insecurity. I’ve learned to grasp onto the truth, pull the root from it’s core and have replanted fresh soil.  I want to encourage you, or shall I say, challenge you, to push “Yourself” out of the way in order to unleash your full potential.

The following is a Beautfiul picture of my baby sister just after she landed on the ground from her 1st Sky Diving experience. The look of Overcoming Fear is impeccable! Enjoy!

Denise Boyd Copyright ©

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